Wynne, AR School Leaders Investigate Alleged “Noose” Incident Involving Teen

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(Wynne, AR) "The truth will be told"... a promise from Carl Easley, Superintendent of Schools in Wynne, Arkansas.

It follows an alleged incident last Monday in the high school football team's locker-room,  involving junior high football players.

Some disciplinary action has been already been taken.. but there are still a lot of questions and accusations.

It allegedly happened at the Wynne High School football team's locker room.

Before practice a 14-year old black junior high football player says some of his white teammates put a "noose " around his neck and dragged him across the floor.

Superintendent Carl Easley says something "did" happen in the locker room, but says the story of a "noose" is not true.

A relative of the 14-year old, named Mickey, disagrees,

"Mickey says he was scared...he was terrified."

Marlyl Light says the boy had bruises around his neck,

"Mickey said that some boy came up behind him and picked him up and that's when another boy put a rope around his neck."

Wynne Junior High football players regularly use the high school's locker facilities.

We are told Wynne police have interviewed a number of students, but no charges have been filed so far.

Police are letting Wynne's Public Schools conduct an "internal investigation" first.

Reportedly two students could face expulsion and five other students could be  suspended.

It is unknown if any adults were present when the alleged act happened or whether it could be considered a "hate crime".

Details of exactly what happened in the locker room are expected to be released Wednesday night after a specially called session of school board members.

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