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(MEMPHIS)  Two and half year old Davis loves books. Her parents spend so much time reading thanks to the Books from Birth program.  It is part of Dolly Parton’s goal to make sure every child in the state has a book to read.

Anyone can sign up. They’ll send you a brand new book for free every month.  The only hitch is when people move, the books don’t get forwarded.

Workers used to come get them and bring them to charities but now the post office shreds them saying the charity had to pay more postage if they wanted them back.

“It defies everything we’re about as American people I think anyone who saw that story said it just does not make sense”, said Father Ken Kimble.

Executive Director Peter Abell first told us the problem and word spread.

“People were calling every day.  We saw the bid on channel three, what can we do to help. We had over 3000 people sign our petition”, said Abell.

The post office flat-out refused to change its tune until now.  Senator Lamar Alexander saw our story too, he took it all the way to the top.

Alexander and Congressman Steve Cohen met with the Postmaster General and now the post office and the charity are working on a deal.  A spokesman for Alexander said tonight “while they are working on this, books returned for invalid addresses won’t be destroyed.”

It’s what the charity wanted, and if they have to pay a little more they’re ok with that too.

It’s not a done deal, the organizations still have to agree on a price to get the books back.