WREG Problem Solvers step in to help when refrigerator goes on the fritz

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When Corine Oliver’s sister faced a medical emergency in 2018, Oliver decided to move to Memphis to take care of her full time. When she did, she noticed her sister’s Parkway Village home needed a lot of updating.

“One of the problems she had was her refrigerator. It wasn’t working. It ran water all over the floor. Very dangerous,” Oliver said.

She went to the Home Depot on Truse Parkway and spent nearly $1,400 on a new General Electric refrigerator. But the first one had an issue.

“It was making this loud crazy noise. Kept coming on,” she said.

She said she got a replacement but that only created another issue during delivery.

“One of the drivers dropped the door. It’s an ice maker. And the guy outside dropped the door,” she said.

She said the ice maker never worked properly.

“It just started piling up, freezing up in here. It’s just frozen,” she said as she gestured toward the open freezer.

She started calling Home Depot and General Electric, but that never fixed the issue.

“They just gave me the runaround so much,” she said.

Then she decided to call the WREG Problem Solver.

“I prefer to have a new refrigerator or my money back,” she said.

As soon as Problem Solvers heard from Corine, we sent an email to Home Depot asking if they have “any information as to what’s going on in her case.” A little more than one hour later, a Home Depot representative called saying they were on the case.

They then got in touch with Oliver and scheduled a GE technician to come out.

WREG went to her home for that appointment but the technician refused to go in if we were filming.

We left and soon after, Oliver got word.

“They discovered all along the censors were broke on the refrigerator,” she said. “They gave me a new refrigerator and I’m so happy and so thankful for you!”

Now she can focus again on what’s most important: spending time with her sister.

WREG asked both GE and Home Depot for any comment on Oliver’s situation. Home Depot representatives said they were happy to connect her with the manufacturer and deferred any comments to GE.

GE representatives did not provide a response, other than to say: “The unit was replaced at the request of the consumer on November 7.”

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