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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG News Channel 3, Nexstar Broadcasting’s local television station in Memphis, made another clean sweep in the November sweeps period, taking first place in every weekday newscast, according to household ratings results released by Nielsen Media Research for the 28-day period from Oct. 31 through Nov. 27.

WREG’s News Director Bruce Moore doesn’t take winning for granted, commenting: “We feel a responsibility to every single viewer in and around Memphis. We want to give them the important breaking news and weather coverage that keeps them safe and helps them plan their day.”

President and General Manager Ron Walter added, “There were many important local stories in November, in addition to important national news. I’m proud of the WREG teamwork and spirit, and most important, truly appreciative of the trust viewers have placed in us. We will work hard to keep that trust.”


· WREG News Channel 3 easily wins mornings from 4:30 a.m. until network news starts at 7 a.m., as well as from 9-10 a.m.

· WREG News Channel 3 has more viewers than all midday competitors combined.

· WREG News Channel 3 wins early afternoon news at 4 and 4:30.

· WREG’s 5 p.m. has more viewers than all other stations’ 5 p.m. newscasts.

· WREG wins at 6 p.m.

· WREG’s 10 p.m. news is again the top-rated late newscast in the market.

· WREG’s Friday Sports Overtime with Mike Ceide is the highest-rated sports talk program on any medium, winning its time-period—10:15-10:30—with a 7.0 rating.

· WREG News Channel 3 also produces most of the top-rated newscasts on the weekend

November 2019 by the Numbers*


4:30 a.m. — WREG wins with a 3.2 household rating to WHBQ’s 2.0 and WMC’s 1.9.

5 a.m. — WREG wins with a 4.0. WHBQ averaged 3.1 rating points to WMC’s 2.5 and WATN’s 0.9.

5:30 a.m. — WREG wins with a 4.5. WHBQ had a 3.5 and WMC earned a 3.0 average. WATN came in fourth place with 1.0.

6 a.m. — WREG wins again with a 5.3 over WHBQ’s 4.5, WMC’s 4.3, and WATN’s 1.2.

9 a.m. — WREG wins with a 4.2 to WHBQ’s 4.0. WATN had 0.7 rating points. WMC does not air a 9AM local newscast.

Midday — WREG wins—Its 7.2 is more than its competitors’ combined midday ratings. WMC averaged a 2.4 for their hour, WHBQ a 2.8, and WATN a 1.2. WREG and WMC air midday newscasts at Noon, while WHBQ and WATN air at 11AM.

4 p.m. — WREG wins with a 5.8 to WMC’s 2.3.

4:30 p.m. — WREG wins with a 5.7 to WMC’s 2.6.

5 p.m. — WREG wins again, with a 6.9 to WMC’s 5.5, WHBQ’s 4.4, and WATN’s 1.5.

6 p.m. — WREG wins, averaging a 7.3, WMC a 7.1, WHBQ 4.8, and WATN a 1.7.

10 p.m. — WREG wins with an 8.7. WMC averaged a 6.3, WHBQ a 4.1 and WATN a 1.7.

WREG also had the highest rated local sports program. Friday Sports Overtime at 10:15PM earned a 7.2 rating average for the four-week period.


AM — WREG wins weekend mornings. Saturday and Sunday morning newscast averages: WREG 4.0. WMC 3.0. WHBQ 2.0.

PM — WREG wins Saturday late news with a 7 rating to WMC’s 3.7. Sunday late news did not air at regular times due to NFL football coverage.

*One rating point equals approximately 5,806 households, or 15,096 people.

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