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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sherra Wright was sentenced to 30 years in prison for facilitating the murder of her ex-husband Lorenzen Wright, but the conviction is not that simple.

Her plea deal documents state that she will be eligible for release after serving the standard 30 percent of her time. It’s a very favorable term, with crimes like carjacking requiring 75 percent time served and aggravated robbery demanding 85 percent.

For Lorenzen’s family, Sherra’s sentence is a small victory, but one they’re not satisfied with. His mother, Deborah Marion, had a quick response when asked if Sherra is doing enough time.

“No. The police will lock them up, but the D.A. will let them out.”

Marion insists that her family feels misled about the arrangements in the deal.

“The police do something for nothing. Lock them up and then the judge and the D.A. let’s them out. So why lock them up? Let them stay free. Don’t trick me.”

To further expediate Sherra’s release, her paperwork shows she will get over 18 months of pretrial credit due to the time she served from January 2018 until she entered here guilty plea.

While the exact length of the jail sentence is yet to be decided, Lorenzen’s family has vowed to be there at every potential hearing and decision.

“Whenever we have to go for the hearing for her to get out, we’re taking buses from Atlanta and Memphis to wherever she is. Not cars, buses. It’s going to be full. We ain’t playing. It ain’t over,” Marion said.