Records show theft from vehicles a problem at Memphis Impound Lot

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MEMPHIS, TN – Theft at the Memphis Impound Lot has been a problem for years.

WREG Investigators obtained numbers from the City of Memphis showing, from 2010 – 2018, 77 claims were filed at the impound lot by citizens who had property stolen from their vehicles.

“It’s 50 -50. You probably have some of the employees that’s stealing. Then you have a lot of people that are coming to get their personal items. If they catch you looking off, they will reach in somebody else’s car and grab something,” said one visitor to the impound lot.

If  you think the theft may have happened before the vehicles got to the lot, think again.

The investigations apparently found that the City was responsible for stolen items.

Of those 77 claims the city investigated, it paid on 29 of them.

So how much has the city paid out to citizens for items stolen from vehicles under the watch of impound lot supervisors?

Try $26,567 from 2010 – 2018.

“It’s terrible. I don’t think they should touch any of the people’s stuff. When they pull their car in, I don’t think they are supposed to touch nothing. I think they should leave everything in there until they come and get their car,” said another Impound Lot visitor.

The Memphis Police Department is over the impound lot and has been for several years.

For a short time it was under control of the General Services Division, but is now back under Memphis Police.

Police tell us the lot is monitored 24-7 and is secured with cameras and a fence all around.

They say city lot employees and investigators are the only ones who have access to vehicles once they are brought in.

Anyone outside of Memphis Police on the lot has to be escorted by an employee.

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