WREG learns charges against two accused in fraudulent car deal case could be thrown out

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG has learned criminal charges against a pair of unlicensed car dealers, with a history of problems, could soon be thrown out.

This comes just weeks after new accusations against Lamonte Gray and Geno White put the case on hold.

Angel Shotwell’s story to police about buying a car from LaMonte Gray is the reason the unlicensed car dealer was first locked up late last year.

“I am overly frustrated, and I will not stop until I get justice,” she said.

A second victim, weeks later, put Gray behind bars – along with his co-worker Geno White.

The duo is facing felony charges for what customers had long claimed.

Police said they were selling customers cars with salvage titles without telling them.

Roughly six months have passed, and the court case has taken some twists and turns.

“It’s ridiculous. More people have come out. They’ve scammed people years ago, and I’m over it,” Shotwell said.

As charges were pending against Gray and White, more disgruntled customers turned to WREG.

Like one woman who flagged WREG down outside of the courthouse to tell her story.

“I saw your story about the cars and the salvage titles,” she said. “The guy that sold me my car on April 26, his face was plastered all over the news. It’s Lamonte Gray.”

As WREG investigators previously reported, it was stories from these additional alleged victims that put the last three court dates on hold.

Plus, Shotwell says the lawyers were working on a deal behind the scenes.

Charges would be dismissed if the defendants paid the victims back.

“They did not do what they promised me to do in regards to the case being dropped, so I’m still waiting on that.”

Shotwell says she hasn’t gotten her money.

“They’re saying that I agreed to turn in the car in order to get my money back. That was the deal made in court in April. I wouldn’t have agreed to that. I wouldn’t have left court agreeing to return a vehicle that was not in my possession.”

Back in Novemer, WREG found the SUV sitting in a parking lot.

Shotwell said it was inoperable then.

“Does any of that make sense to you? It doesn’t make any sense to me, and I don’t have one degree in law at all.”

Shotwell also questions claims from Gray’s attorney Mark Mesler, who recently told WREG he was hopeful the case would be dismissed because they had proof of clear titles.

“Once I showed that to the state of Tennessee, we’re now in talks to see where this case is going to go.”

But a Carfax report reveals the SUV was declared a total loss and a salvage title was issued out of Mississippi – just weeks before Shotwell bought the vehicle.

WREG also checked in Tennessee, which requires salvage titles to go through a process to be deemed “rebuilt” and regulators confirmed no titles had been issued.

Besides the claims of a clear title, Shotwell also asked, ‘What about the other charges?”

Shotwell says ultimately, she wants to see this through.

“It will not be dismissed. I will be heard, we will go to court, I will get my money and justice will be served. Lamonte Gray and Geno White are still out here ripping people off as we speak, and it’s not fair.”

Prosecutors don’t typically talk about cases outside the courtroom, and since the last three hearing didn’t happen – we haven’t heard from them.

Gray’s attorney, Mark Mesler, was out of town this week but responded by email saying he’s happy to speak with us when he returned.

The next court date in this case is set for Wednesday.

We’ll let you know what happens.

By the way, if you’re ever buying a cash car from an individual do your homework on the car first, and never walk away without the title.

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