Woman says sewage bubbles up, falls from ceiling in Cordova apartment


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Cordova woman says plumbing problems have sent raw sewage into her apartment at The View At Shelby Farms complex off Germantown Road.

She reached out to News Channel 3 for help.

“I come in here and all of the sudden, all of this water in this toilet is literally coming up, and it’s not regular water. It’s poop water,” said Kassy Cox, describing the problem.

Cox says she tired of cleaning up raw sewage in her apartment, where she and her son Tucker have lived for less than a year.

“The last thing we need is to have toilet water and human feces and water coming up into my apartment,” she said.

Cox, who is a nursing assistant, says problems started in September of 2020 when she noticed something unpleasant leaking through the exhaust fan directly above the toilet at the most inopportune moments.

“Onto my head, literally,” she said. “And I don’t just mean a sprinkle. I mean enough to where when it splashes down, this is wet, there’s splashes on the floor, splashes on the side of the tub and right on the corner of this.”

Cox said she and her upstairs neighbor contacted apartment management, but maintenance didn’t fix the problem or replace the cover of the exhaust fan.

She’s also complained about what she says is black mold in the water heater closet and water damage caused by leaks from from both her bathrooms that stretched all the way to the kitchen floor.

“If they ever want anybody else to live here they’re going to replace that,” she said. “I mean it’s ruined. It’s all waterlogged.”

Cox said she contacted the city of Memphis Code Enforcement office to report her issues as well as a raw sewage leak outside her apartment.

In the meantime, Cox says she’s getting no help from apartment management.

“I’ve written letters, I’ve went up there physically, I’ve talked to them … I have done everything,” she said. “They showed up at my house with a bottle of CLR and handed it to me at the front door and said, ‘Here ya go, this is is for the mold problem.’ That was it.”

WREG reached out to the city of Memphis for a copy of the report and what action was taken. We’ve also tried numerous times to reach the apartment complex manager, but no one has returned our calls. We’ve also emailed the Indianapolis firm that owns The View at Shelby Farms for a comment.

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