She calls her machete ‘Rufus’ and she used it to stop a burglar

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Whitehaven woman, armed with a machete, took on a man who tried breaking into her home in the 5000 block of Horn Lake.

"I was swinging my machete thinking, 'Chop him! Chop him! Chop him!'" Cheryl Nibley said.

She sprang into action Tuesday afternoon when she heard someone breaking into her house. "As I was talking to the police on the phone I was hearing my window coming up in my bedroom," she said. "So I'm telling the police that he's coming in the house! He's coming in the house!"

As the window went up, Nibley brought her machete down over and over again. She has even given the machete a name, calling it Rufus. "Say hello to my little friend," she teased, holding a foot-long knife up. "I chopped the blinds up. I chopped him up. I chopped the bed up."

She thinks she sliced the intruder on the head and shoulders.

He took off running, but Nibley and her machete took off after him. "I ran back out the door with my machete and my cell phone. I was still on the phone with the police, and I was chasing him down the road there."

Nibley believes this was the same person who broke into her home last month. "He broke in here right before Christmas and stole all the televisions," she said.

She has a warning and advice for anyone who thinks about coming back uninvited. "They need to be careful, and they need to go get a job! Go make some money and stop stealing people's stuff!"

However, if they do come back, she and Rufus will be waiting. "Rufus, you did good," she said, petting the knife. "You saved me!"

Nibley lost sight of the intruder as she was chasing him, but thinks he may be injured.

So far, police do not have any leads.

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