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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman says she got horribly sick after using a bottle of CBD oil that turned out to be a fake.

The oil is derived from cannabis and used to treat pain.

Now, she’s warning other potential victims.

Donna Minnick suffers from chronic pain.

“I have back pain, siatica and I have some joint pain in my ankle where I’ve had some surgeries,”

Wanting to stay away from opioids like Oxycodone, she bought a bottle of CBD oil from a local smoke shop two weeks ago.

“I heard such good reports. I thought it was worth a try.”

Using it made her nauseous.

She says that didn’t shock her since it was her first time.

She stopped taking it for a week and then started up again.

That’s when things quickly got bad.

“I got really sick. I felt really dizzy. I felt drugged. I felt like the room was going to start spinning.”

It turns out the bottle was fake.

The real one comes in a brown bottle with a black dropper, a safety seal and slightly different labeling.

“I was pretty mad for a while.”

The company behind the product, Beyond Botanicals, says a smoke shop in the Memphis area has been making these counterfeits and selling them to other smoke shops.

A representative says every shop has been notified as the company prepares to take legal action.

Somebody could really get hurt or sick if they’re just cooking something up in their kitchen and selling it.