Woman uses her free time to make free masks for those in need

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South woman is going above and beyond to make sure people are protected while health officials continue to battle COVID-19.

Charlee Seiple is making masks for people in the area. She says the pandemic has taken a toll on her and her husband.

“I was really, really depressed the first couple of weeks because my husband is critically ill and I just thought ‘now I can’t take him outside or anything,'” Seiple said. “So, we’re really stuck here.”

Seiple says she had a lot of left over fabric and began making masks for her daughter’s coworkers.

“I thought I would really like to make sure everyone on our street has a mask because a lot of older people live on this street,” Seiple said.

She said orders began coming in and now she sews anywhere from 30 to 50 masks a day. She leaves them at the end of her driveway for anyone in need.

Her neighbors say this little act of good will is helping them out in the long run.

“It means a lot because I don’t go anywhere,” Jerry Surratt said. “I stay in but I put it on when I come out.”

Seiple is also donating the masks to nurses and medical professionals.

She says her days at home have a different feel but her husband makes sure she has company.

“I don’t have time to sit around and be depressed. My husband will come out and sit here with me,” Seiple said. “It’s given me something to do. It’s perked me up, given me meaning.”

Seiple will not take donations and says she just wants to do her part while people struggle through the pandemic.

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