Woman: Tow company charged to keep car on days they were closed

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South woman can't afford to get her car back from a tow lot and blamed unfair lot policies. She said B&B Towing charged her to keep her car for days when they were closed and thus she could not pay to retrieve her car.

So she called WREG's Problem Solver Stacy Jacobson for help.

Barbara Butler used to work as a waitress, but she has arthritis in her hands. So she saved all her money to buy a new car.

“I was gonna start working Uber," she said. "I had already filled out my applications and everything."

But the same day she was going to get insurance on her 2005 Dodge minivan, she was involved in a wreck on Vivia Avenue just about a mile from her Nutbush home.

“When I went to get my car, I couldn’t pick it up on a weekend," she said. "It happened on a Friday. I went the next day to get it, and they were closed, so they charged me $30 every day."

She said B&B Towing charged her for every day they had her car, even though she went on Saturday to pay to get it back, and they weren't open.

WREG went to B&B Towing’s office on Summer Avenue. Their hours were posted outside, and Saturday and Sunday are clearly marked as closed.

The clerk inside, who identified himself as a dispatcher, said we’d have to talk to the owner and wouldn’t answer any more questions.

“If you can’t get your car, why should you pay for your car to stay there?" Butler said. "That doesn’t make sense to me, and a lot of people don’t have money to get their cars out like that."

For Butler, the extra $90 made it impossible for her to afford. Her silver minivan was still in the B&B Towing lot weeks later.

“I don’t think it’s right," she said. "I really don’t. It knocked me out from getting my car back. It was my way out of here."

She said she has no idea what to do next, unless B&B releases her car.

WREG checked Memphis city code, which says towing companies can charge up to $30 per day for storage, but it does not address operating hours.


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