Cameras catch woman snatching family’s dog from their backyard

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Cameras were rolling when a woman went into a front yard and took a family pet.

It happened on Spring River in southeast Shelby County.

But was this a dognapping or just someone thinking they’re rescuing a stray?

Outside security cameras caught Jaxson the dog exploring his front yard when you see a SUV circle the block a couple times. Then you see the SUV park, a woman get out and try to lure Jaxson.

The dog runs off. The woman follows, eventually grabs the dog and walks to her car.

Lori Swanigan and her family came home distraught when they saw the bold footage.

“I often see posts of people getting their pets returned,” she told WREG.

So she posted the video on Facebook, and it was shared almost a thousand times.

Twenty-four hours later, that woman in the video showed up and returned the dog.

“I can tell you I am the happiest woman in America today!” said Swanigan.

Happy, but confused. She said she demanded answers from the woman.

“She said she was really sorry. She said she thought he was a stray dog, and her uncle told him she could get him,” said Swanigan. “The other thing she said was someone called her and said they saw her face. They saw her video on Facebook.”

Swanigan said this isn’t over yet. She filed a report with deputies and is waiting on detectives to come out and meet with her about the footage and possible charges.

“I’m absolutely going to do something about it. Let this be a lesson to all the thieves out there. These are our babies, and they are our family!” said Swanigan.

For now, the family is just glad Jaxon is back home.

WREG tried tracking down the woman in the video, but we had no luck.

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