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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Charges have not been filed after a woman shoots and kills a man at a Whitehaven apartment complex on Sunday night and police have not identified the victim.

“We didn’t hear a thing. Nothing.”

One woman didn’t want to be identified but told WREG’s Melissa Moon she had no idea that a man had been shot and killed in the apartment next to hers until police officers started showing up.

“By the time the lights and stuff were coming through the window, we knew it was really close. But as far as hearing something we didn’t hear anything.”

The Birches Apartments in Whitehaven was surrounded by police and crime scene tape at around 9:30 p.m. Sunday. Investigators said when they got here they found a man dead and took a woman in for questioning.

The next morning they said that woman would not be facing any charges. They said she was assaulted by the man as she entered her apartment and that’s when she fired a shot at him.

There were two juveniles in that apartment when it happened.

Police said the man killed was the woman’s ex-boyfriend, but have not said if there had been any trouble between the couple before.