Woman sentenced to jail for sex so loud it ‘shook her neighbor’s furniture’

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YORK, Pa. — A Pennsylvania woman is headed to jail after having sex so loudly it shook her neighbor’s furniture, then threatening her neighbors, according to officials.

That furniture, a dresser and a bed, belonged to the daughter of the woman living next door.

Amanda Marie Warfel, 25, pleaded guilty Wednesday to disorderly conduct and harassment. A judge ordered her to spend 45 to 90 days in prison, which she has already served, but will remain jailed for a different case.

Warfel told the judge she wished her neighbors were there so she could apologize, and said she just wanted to go home.

Warfel shared a wall with her neighbors, who complained of sex noises coming from Warfel’s home, York Daily Record reports.

Warfel has been jailed since March 22 after previously pleading guilty to disorderly conduct and harassment charges based on the same complaints. One misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge was withdrawn, and another was transferred to non-traffic.

Police say neighbors have been enduring the noise and threats for two years.

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