Woman says she was knocked out in mystery attack in home

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HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. — A 78-year-old woman woke up from what she thought was a nightmare last Sunday to find herself bruised, bloody and battered, but with few memories of what happened to her or who might've done it.

Video from a neighbor's security camera shows Brenda Hamilton walking up the driveway to ask for help after waking up after possibly several hours of unconsciousness.

"I did hear somebody say, 'Quit, quit' or something like that, but I couldn't hear on the voice at all," Hamilton said. "It was just like I was in a dream."

But it was no dream. Blood splattered around her bedroom shows she may have been passed out there.

Hamilton was recently released from the trauma center. With fractured ribs and the rest of her body badly bruised, she can barely remember what happened to her.

"They knocked me out and I fought and I kicked."

She can`t remember who hurt her, but thinks it may be someone she knows.

Hamilton said she opened her garage door to let her dogs out around 4 a.m. She thinks someone may have come into her home then, because it wasn't until almost 12 hours later when she came begging for help next door.

Whoever was responsible didn't take anything.

"My money was on top of that purse just where I had plotted it down like that. There was probably about $100 in there," she said.

She hopes her experience shows people to pay attention to their surroundings.

"I've always been one of these to say, 'Well, let them come in on me, I'll use my .38.' Well, you just don't have time to."

Police say they are investigating, but there are some inconsistencies in Hamilton's story.

Hamilton says it may be because they talked to her right after the incident, when she was not in her right mind.

Surveillance video shows Brenda Hamilton walking up to her neighbor's house for help.


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