Woman says she hid in bathroom after being kidnapped by supposed friend

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman claimed she was held against her will by someone who was supposed to be her friend before she was able to hide in a bathroom of a South Memphis gas station.

The victim told detectives it started with a woman she thought was her friend asking her if she wanted to go to Party City. The victim was picked up from her home, then the so-called friend she was with got a phone call from someone saying she needed to go to a park.

Turns out, that was an ambush.

While the victim was sitting in the car, she said a man came up and attacked her, hitting her several times in the face. When the victim tried to leave, her attackers said that wasn’t happening unless they got at least $1,000.

When the woman didn’t have the cash, she called her mom for money. On Facetime, her mother could see a bruise on her face.

The plan was to meet at the gas station on Third Street with the ransom. On the way, the victim said her kidnappers said they were going to rob and shoot her and her mother.

When they got to the store, the victim went inside and passed the clerk a note saying she was being held hostage, then went and hid in a bathroom.

People we spoke with were shocked to hear the kidnapping involved such a public place.

“It’s ridiculous,” one person said. “It’s ridiculous.”

“It’s shocking that they would kidnap her, then bring her to a store,” Danielle Pickins said.

When the victim knew the coast was clear, she went home and reported the crime to police. She told police they would find her blood inside the vehicle and that she licked the inside of the vehicle, so her DNA would be left behind.

We tried speaking to the clerk at the gas station at the time, but he told us he was too afraid to comment.

It’s unclear if police have made any arrests.

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