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MILLINGTON, Tenn. — A Memphis woman says her mother was left with bumps and bruises after a brief stay at a Millington rehabilitation center.

Emma Crowder spends most of her days by her mother Naomi Smith’s side.

A few weeks ago, Crowder says she had to leave her 82-year-old mother, who is battling dementia and can’t walk, on her own in the care of Millington Health Care Center in order to sort out some family business out of town.

“They didn’t do what they are supposed to do,” Crowder said. “They didn’t take care of my mother properly.”

Crowder says just two days into the weeklong stay, she got suspicious.

“The second day I called they said, ‘She had a little fall,’ but they didn’t call to let me know. I had to call and find out, but they said she was okay.”

She says she didn’t buy it, but it wasn’t until she picked her mother up that red flags shot up.

“She had a big gash on her head. I asked what happened. They didn’t explain nothing to me,” Crowder said. “I couldn’t talk to the manager and no supervisor was on shift”

Crowder sent us pictures of her mother’s bumps and bruises and now she’s convinced it wasn’t just a “little fall” as she was told.

“Once she came home her nurse took pictures and she had bruises all over her body,” Crowder said. “She got like six bruises but I have no explanation why and how this happened.”

Since she’s in hospice care a report was made of the findings. The paperwork notes bruises on her knee, hip, arm, and face and even mentions the fall.

According to Millington Police, Crowder filed a police report with them on the 19th. They would only tell us they are looking into it.

“I was in tears when I saw my mom because I felt like I let her down.”

Crowder says she can’t get any cooperation out of the rehabilitation center.

“Ain’t nobody return no call, ain’t nobody answering no calls.”

We went to see for ourselves. We made it through the first set of doors but administrators locked the second set as we walked up.

Someone moved us outside and said they’d speak to us after a meeting but never came back.

We then called the center, this time someone took a message and never called us back.