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LAKELAND, Tenn. — Christmas is usually about the kids, but this year there was one present under the tree that was just for mom of three, Ashley Montgomery.

“This is a Cricut that was bought for me as a gift from Walmart,” Montgomery said. “It cuts vinyl and paper. A lot of crafters use it.”

The working mom was busy all week with her job as an overnight night nurse at Methodist North.

So she finally settled in on New Year’s night to some fun with her new toy.

She said she was shocked by what happened next.

“When I opened the box, it was full of sprouting potatoes,” she said.

She found ten potatoes in all in the box and wondered if her dad was playing a joke.

“My dad is very upset it’s not what he purchased for $150,” she said. “I’m hoping Walmart can work with me. Hopefully we can get it fixed.”

WREG was there as Montgomery and her husband ventured inside the Bartlett store.

After about an hour, they returned with good news.

“It actually went great! A lot better than expected. I got a full refund,” she said. “They called a bunch of people up there to come look at the potatoes. They were making jokes, like, ‘Where do we send it back? Do we send it to produce?’”

She said employees told her it was probably a scheme — a Grinch returned the box to get money back but kept the product, leaving her the box of starch.

“Lesson learned, always check the box before you leave the store,” she said.

And if she can’t craft tonight, at least she had a good start to the new year.

Walmart also released the following statement to WREG: “We want our customers to be satisfied with products they purchase at our stores. If for any reason they are not, we will exchange or refund the item. We apologize to the customer for this inconvenience.”