Woman involved in Arlington graduation brawl says you don’t know the whole story

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Video of parents brawling at Arlington High School’s graduation ceremony is creating a firestorm on social media.

The incident happened Tuesday evening at Bellevue Baptist Church.

A day later, WREG went by Amanda Murphy’s Oakland home.

She’s the woman reportedly at the center of the commotion, seen on the viral video throwing punches at other parents and even grabbing another woman’s hair as graduates marched inside.

“F*** all y’all.”

Those were the three words — along with a special salute — that we were greeted with when we arrived.

“Can I speak to Amanda?” WREG’s Luke Jones asked.

Amanda didn’t have a whole lot to say to us when we tried to get her side of the story.

“The old man attacked my 13-year-old niece. They didn`t get that on camera.”

“Well, can you tell us about that? I think it`s important that people hear about that.”

“Not really, `cause none of them people matter to me,” she replied.

Another woman, who also flipped off our crew, was clearly embarrassed by the viral nature of the video.

On Facebook, Murphy stood by her actions posting “Sorry not sorry” and then “Mood= F*** them and f*** you…#no regrets.”

Those posts have since been made private.

All of the adults involved in the brawl were removed by Bellevue’s security team, Arlington Chief of Staff Jeffrey G. Mayor said in a prepared statement.

It’s unclear if any of the people involved will face any charges.

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