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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man and woman were taken into custody after a brawl inside a local food mart and one of the victims says it’s all because he’s testifying against her in a second-degree murder case.

According to police, the incident happened Thursday afternoon at the McLemore Express in the 1200 block of East McLemore Avenue.

The female involved in the case, Jackie Johnson, claimed she asked the man to hold the door for her but he didn’t. Instead he reportedly continued inside the store with Johnson on his heels. She told police she confronted the man and that’s when he punched her.

However, the male in this case painted a very different story.

He told police Johnson came into the store and immediately began screaming at him, cursing and calling him obscene names. He said he warned her that police were nearby to which she replied that she didn’t care and tackled him.

He told police that he never hit her and was only acting in self defense.

Witnesses to the incident gave yet another account of the incident. They claimed the two came into the store screaming at each other and that’s when Johnson was hit in the face with a beer can.

Regardless of how it started, police said the pair ended up wrestling around the tiny store.

By the time they showed up, officers said Johnson was on top of the man throwing punches. Officers said they had to threaten to use a taser before they were able to get them separated.

Both individuals were taken into custody and charged with assault.

As of 11 a.m. Friday, Johnson was still behind bars at Jail East. The man has been released on a $100 bond.

During questioning, the male told police he believed the fight started because he’s scheduled to testify against Johnson in her upcoming attempted second-degree murder case.

WREG did some digging and found Johnson was in fact indicted by a Shelby County Grand Jury in October 2017 after she was accused of attacking her neighbor across the street.

The victim in that case was reportedly stabbed multiple times while sitting on her front porch. She sustained stab wounds to her arm, nose, eyebrow, lips and left rib cage.

Police said Johnson admitted to assaulting the victim several times in self defense but denied stabbing her.

She’s scheduled to appear in court for that case next week.