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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South man was arrested after police say he tried to carjack the wrong family.

It all began February 20, when a man approached a woman as she was sitting in the passenger seat of a car on Venable Road near the airport.

The woman said the suspect tried to punch and yank her from the vehicle, but she wouldn’t let him have the car without a fight.

The woman then began screaming. The man let go of her wrist and ran to the driver’s side to try to get behind the wheel.

Thinking quickly, the woman locked the doors and continued to scream, alerting her father and brother.

Court documents show when police arrived, both men were “holding a male down in the front yard of the residence.”

That man has since been identified as 43-year-old Ronald Gordon, who was arrested.

Gordon has been charged with attempted carjacking.