Woman charged after boyfriend attacked and robbed


Alexus Quinn is facing assault charges after a man she was supposedly dating was robbed and brutally attacked.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman is facing charges after a man she was supposedly dating for several months was brutally attacked at a home in southeast Shelby County on Saturday night.

Alexus Quinn is accused of assault and will appear in court on Monday morning.

Arrest records say Shelby County deputies were called to a home on Timber Ridge Drive and they were flagged down by a man down the street from the address.

Deputies say the man was covered in blood from deep cuts on his head and face.

The man told deputies he was the victim of a robbery at the home deputies were originally called to. At the same time, deputies received a domestic violence call at the same home.

The victim says he had been dating Quinn for several months and was going to pick her up and take her to a hotel.

He supposedly walked into the home where Quinn was packing a bag. Then, he was hit in the side of the head by a man in a black hoodie who came out of another bedroom. The man in the hoodie allegedly wrapped a cord around the victim’s neck but it broke.

The man then grabbed a knife and held it to the victim’s throat and told Quinn to get everything out of the victim’s pockets.

The victim says he fought the man for the knife, which broke and the victim was able to grab a piece of the broken knife.

The man allegedly grabbed a screw driver out of a bedroom and shoved it down the victim’s throat, threatening to kill him.

The victim was able to get free and that is when Quinn allegedly tasered him several times in the stomach.

While the victim was being attacked, he says someone got the key to his vehicle and searched it for money.

The victim says a second man approached him with a skillet but he was able to get away. He also says the suspects got away with two iPhones, the key to his car and his wallet which had cash inside.

The owner of the home allowed deputies to search the house where they found a broken cord, a taser and other objects that matched the victim’s statement.

Deputies took Quinn into custody after determining she was the primary suspect in the attack.

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