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(Memphis) – There is a Grinch in Memphis stealing packages the delivery company leaves behind.

One fed up homeowner wants to find out who she is before she strikes again.

Many of us are turning to the web to do our holiday shopping, but that could cost you if you’re not home when the boxes arrive.

Two packages disappeared from the front porch of a home on Stage Park Road in Memphis, but the thief was caught on camera by the homeowner, John Kasper.

“In a matter of less than 30 seconds, she came and went with both of my Christmas gifts, one for my daughter and the other for my older brother,” said Kasper

In the surveillance video, you can see the courier drop off the packages. Two hours later, a young girl, wearing a Craigmont High t-shirt grabs the packages and climbs back into a white Ford Explorer with a spare tire on it.

“Somebody has got to know who that is,” said Kasper.

He lost about $70 worth of stuff, but he doesn’t really care about the money. What he does care about is getting the word out there because if they hit once, they’ll likely hit again.

“I’m sure they didn’t do just one house. No one is going to risk getting in trouble for just one house,” said Kasper. “They were running the neighborhood, I’m sure.”

Kasper believes his packages could have easily been seen from the road. He says to leave a note for your UPS guy where you want him to hide them. Don’t leave them in plain view from the street.

Kasper recommends keeping up with your delivery by the tracking number and getting them off the porch as quickly as possible because you never know what Grinch may pay a visit to your front porch.

“I’m gonna say a prayer for this person. Hopefully they drop the packages off by the mailbox,” said Kasper. “I’ll forgive them for what they did.”

Kasper filed a police report over his stolen Christmas gifts. Anyone who might know who that girl is, can call Crime Stoppers at 901.528.CASH.