Woman carjacked at Collierville Dollar Tree

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — A woman was carjacked at a store in Collierville during broad daylight, and police were forced to chase the suspect into Memphis.

It happened at the Dollar Tree at 708 W. Poplar Ave. around 11:20 a.m. Friday.

Collierville police say 33-year-old Deshawn Tate jumped in the passenger seat of that woman’s car as she parked outside the store. They say he forced her out of the car, got in the driver’s seat, and sped off.

Deshawn Tate

Police say it was part of Tate’s getaway after shoplifting inside the store but they haven’s said if he was armed.

“I mean, it’s awful that someone would do that,” regular customer Monte Thames says.

He’s been shopping at that Dollar Tree for years. He says he’s never heard of something like this happening near the store.

“So, you know, the world’s getting tougher,” he says, “It’s a little meaner place than it used to be.”

Tarsha Harris has been shopping at the store for years too.

“I’m concerned but I’m not shocked because crime is everywhere now,” she says, “We just have to be more aware of our surroundings and be careful whether you’re getting in your car or out of your car you just have to be careful.”

Officers spotted the car speeding away after other customers called 911. Police say Tate led them on a chase to Memphis where he got out and took off on foot in a Hickory Hill neighborhood near Kirby and East Shelby Drive. Officers caught him within minutes.

“You hope that justice is served,” Thames says.

But that won’t erase what happened. It’s something the victim will never forget.

“You don’t go through something like that without it affected you anyway. So, we have to lift her up, pray for her,” Thames says.

Tate is locked up in the Collierville jail but police haven’t released his charges.

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