Woman brutally attacked by mob outside of Arkansas home

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HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. — A Helena-West Helena mother is still healing after she claims she was attacked by a mob in her own front yard.

Eventually the scars on Tina Jones’s face will heal, but she still finds them painful to look at.

“I was hit in the head with my own chair. It was a 9-centimeter deep cut with 18 stitches.”

The story behind the beating is even more horrifying. Jones says she was inside of her home when trouble knocked at her front door.

“We were in the house. They were coming up in my house. It was like a parade over here. Just chaos.”

She counted seven cars outside of her home. All of them were full, and she says the passengers were ready to fight.

“This was a mob fight. A riot.”

Jones says the violence was orchestrated by someone she knows and has had trouble with in the past. She told us that as she tried to run across her yard to get help, she was stopped by the mob.

“I never made it. I made it right here where I am standing and got slung.”

According to the police report, a homemade bat and other weapons were pulled out during the brawl. Jones even says one of the suspects had a gun. The scene got so out of hand that the first responders were scared.

“The ambulance workers locked me in the ambulance, because they were afraid they wold try to get on there and get me.”

Now Jones says something needs to be done.

“I’m fighting for justice, because this will not happen to me without someone to pay for it.”

So far, no arrests have been made. But the police report names 10 suspects. Some of them are teenagers.

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