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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman is under arrest after being accused of trying to drown her own father in a bathtub.

She’s then accused of robbing her father the day after Father’s Day with the help of her boyfriend. They allegedly did all of it for $300, a phone and some pills.

Police said the man’s daughter, 24-year-old Ebronah Rawlings, showed up at his Orange Mound home, but she didn’t come bearing gifts.

Instead, police said she brought along Jason Shipp, who is described in old court documents as a boyfriend.

They got in a fight, then allegedly pushed Rawlings’ father into a bathtub and tried holding his head underwater.

His daughter also allegedly beat him with a metal curtain rod.

“He’s almost 200 pounds, and she weighs like 125 pounds,” Rawlings’ grandmother said. “How could she throw him in the tub?”

Rawlings’ grandmother lives in the house next door and wasn’t buying the story. She admitted the daughter and dad don’t get along.

“But I don’t think she still doesn’t have the strength or wherewithal to throw him in the tub,” she said.

Investigators said Rawlings certainly didn’t have the strength to keep him there. He scrambled out of the tub, only to find himself staring down the barrel of a gun.

Officers said Shipp confessed to pointing a gun at the father while he and the victim’s daughter robbed him.

They’re accused of taking $300 and an iPhone.

In his bedroom, they found 40 Xanax pills, which they also allegedly took.

Both the daughter and her boyfriend face aggravated robbery charges. He’s still in jail, but she’s bonded out and is set to face a judge Thursday morning.