Woman attacked, nearly kidnapped in Cooper-Young

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman out jogging in the Cooper-Young area of Midtown nearly didn’t make it home last Thursday.

Police said a black sedan pulled along side the woman near Central Avenue and East Parkway around midnight, and a man behind the wheel demanded she get in the car. Terrified by the threatening stranger, she still found the courage to say no.

Investigators said the man got out, knocked the woman down and dragged her toward the car before taking out a gun and threatening to shoot her. The victim, who was fighting to get away, was relieved when her assailant gave up and drove off. Women who live in the area are horrified by the story.

“I mean, I’m a single female living alone. So, if you find out that’s happening in your area, you definitely want to keep an eye out,” Kaitlyn Bass said. “As a female, we have enough to deal with. We don’t need to worry about being kidnapped outside our homes.”

A similar incident happened in the same area several weeks ago when Maria Ferguson was on Bruce Street. She was snatched by a man and thrown into his sedan.

“I close my eyes and picture him, picture the whole thing,” she told us at the time.

Acting fast, she escaped seconds later by unlocking her door and jumping out of the moving car two blocks away.

“He took that power away from me. Now, I’m afraid. I haven’t walked out my door. I don’t want anybody to come over,” Ferguson said.

Police arrested a juvenile in that case, but the latest attacker is still out there.

“It’s a coward, a lonely coward, apparently,” Bass said.

Vigilant neighbors like John Chulos are on high alert.

“I spend a lot of time outside working on my yard and things, and I’ll be looking,” he said.

A couple other points of note. Both of these incidents happened at night, and while neighbors are on high alert, police said they are too. They said they’re increasing patrols to discourage a future attack and hopefully, catch whoever’s responsible for this latest one.


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