Woman attacked at Target

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A crime alert after police say a woman was attacked at an East Memphis Target.

The woman is ok, after biting and fighting off her attacker, who was trying to steal her purse.

But she didn’t do it alone she also had help from a good Samaritan.

The 25-year-old woman told police earlier this week a man approached her as she got in her car to leave.

She told detectives the man put his hand over her mouth and tried to take her purse.

But she wasn’t going to let him get away that easy she screamed then bit his hand.

A nearby shopper, who asked us not to identify him, heard the scream.

“And then I heard a horn honk I guess during the struggle. And then as I’m putting my cart away I see a male striking down with his fist and I thought it was a domestic disturbance so I want over to the car,” the good Samaritan said.

He pulled the man off the victim.

The attacker took off running, our good Samaritan close behind but ultimately the attacker was able to get away.

Tonight shoppers say this scary situation is a reminder.

” It’s the holidays and I think we all just have to be extra careful right now and vigilant,” a holiday shopper said.

As for the good Samaritan he’s in the medical field and is used to high stress situations.

He hopes if people see something bad happening, if it’s safe they try and do something to help.

“You know all I was doing was something I would hope someone would do for one of my loved ones,” he said.

As far as descriptions of the attacker go, WREG is told he should have a pretty bad bite mark on his hand, his get away car was a red Nissan sentra and there is damage to the front drivers side door.

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