Woman asking for kidney donors receiving prank calls


A woman in dire need of a new kidney has been getting calls from pranksters and hecklers as her life is on the line.

SMITH COUNTY, TN (WSMV) — A Tennessee woman who is in dire need of a kidney transplant is tired of pranks and hecklers while her life is on the line.

Six years ago, doctors diagnosed Nicole Murphy with chronic kidney disease stage 4. About three weeks ago, a billboard went up on I-40 East in Wilson County asking for a donor to come forward.

“It was shocking. Depressing because we didn’t know that I was even in kidney failure,” Murphy said. “It’s in the back of my head. How much longer do I got?”

Her husband works for a local sign company that donated it.

“It’s kind of weird seeing my face up there, but it’s to reach out,” Murphy said.

So far, she’s gotten around 500 responses. Some want to be tested to see if they’ll be a perfect match for Murphy.

But others are calling in as pranks.

“It’s frustrating in the sense that I’m wanting a kidney to live longer, to be with my family longer and they take it as a joke,” Murphy said.

It’s a joke that needs to stop.

“Don’t call. Don’t call and get my hopes up and my family’s hopes up,” Murphy said.

Murphy goes to dialysis three days out of the week for three hours at a time. To her, this is no joke.

Murphy’s blood type is A+. If you would like an application to be tested to be her match, you can call 615-222-3861 for St. Thomas Hospital.

Murphy’s family will be holding a benefit for her on February 1st at Lighthouse Church at 62 Grant Highway in Gordonsville.

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