Woman arrested, shot after claiming Raleigh apartment was hers


Erika Glass

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman who allegedly tried to bust into a Raleigh apartment claiming it was hers Sunday was shot by the resident, then charged with burglary.

Police say they were called to an apartment complex in the 5000 block of Yale.

There, they found found Erika Glass, 32, covered in blood and holding mail, trash and a water hydrant cover in her hands.

She was “rambling” that she’d been shot, officers said, and told police that she was the owner of one of the apartments and the woman inside needed to get out.

Police found a bullet hole in her pants leg. She was taken to Regional One in non-critical condition.

A woman who lived in that apartment told police that Glass, whose last known address was in Ripley, Tennessee, had banged on her patio door. The woman heard what sounded like gunshots and glass breaking as Glass busted through the door, she said.

The woman told Glass to get out of the apartment but when she proceeded inside, the resident told police she shot Glass.

Glass was charged with burglary and attempted burglary. The resident of the apartment was not charged.

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