Woman arrested after bad case of road rage

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — David Jayne has dealt with angry drivers before, but he’s never had one pull a gun on him.

“You know, it happens. People flip you the bird.”

It happened yesterday afternoon when he turned right onto Summer Avenue and tried to clear several lanes of traffic, so he could make a left at White Station Road.

“I was just trying to merge over to get in the turning lane,” he said.

But he says another driver, 26-year-old Latanjalia Adams, wasn’t having it.

“Didn’t want to let me over, and there was plenty of room. They just accelerated to not let me over, and I was already in the lane, so I just continued to move over,” Jayne said.

He says Adams tried to get around him by driving into oncoming traffic, but ended up behind him at the intersection and she wasn’t happy.

“And she pulled a gun and pointed it at me. I couldn’t tell what she was saying, but she was totally cussing me the whole time, you know, as she was pointing her gun.”

Adams likely didn’t realize a police officer was sitting right next to them waiting to turn.

“So, I just tapped on his window and said, ‘Hey, this chick’s pulling a gun.’ And he was like, ‘What the f***!” Jayne said.

The officer confronted Adams and called another officer to the scene before arresting her.

“Of course she was telling police officers hey he cut me off or whatever and he’s like, ‘Who cares? You don’t pull a gun for that.”

Jayne calls what happened a shame. A young woman is now charged with aggravated assault because her temper got the better of her.

“You do something over that petty and now it’s really gonna cost her a lot.”

He has a message for Adams if he ever sees her again.

“I guess first I’d say I apologize for you thinking I cut you off if I did and just calm down you know? Life goes on,” Jayne says.

Adams is due in court Thursday.

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