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(Memphis) Theresa Little is accused of hitting everywhere from a grocery store to a wig shop.

Dwayne Johnson knows Little’s story of shoplifting, suspended licenses, and car theft well.

Johnson said he’s been in jail, broken the law, and used drugs himself.

“I had nobody, I had all that built up, nobody cared about me, as long as you care about yourself that’s all that matters,” said Johnson.

He got help and is doing better now, but looks at Little’s story and shakes his head.

She was in court days ago, reportedly saying she was high on crack, and even had two rocks and a lighter in her bra.

Anthony Sledge runs a program to help people like Little. He said it’s easy for someone with a big problem to get ignored.

Sledge said thousands of people like Little need counseling to change their lives like he did.

“Look at me, you can’t tell I’m an ex-felon,” said Sledge.

It was drugs for Sledge but he did time, got help, and now helps others, and is hoping somehow Little can get through his doors.

“If you don’t give nurturing they’re going to do the same thing,” said Sledge.