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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two suspects are behind bars after they were allegedly caught doing drugs in an Union Avenue parking lot.

According to reports, officers were called to the Walgreen’s store on Union Avenue early Sunday morning after the manager asked the occupants of a black Dodge Charger to leave the parking lot. He said they had been parked for quite some time and believed they were involved in drugs.

As police approached the car, the male driver – Ronnie Strickland – reportedly got out of the car to speak with officers. He was told to place his hands on the vehicle, but instead started reaching for the floorboard. Officers said they tried to pull him away from the vehicle but to no avail. Strickland was able to grab a clear plastic bag and toss it to the passenger, Christina Cordell.

Strickland was taken to the ground and placed under arrest.

By the time officers regained control of the situation, the plastic baggy was gone. Cordell reportedly told officers she swallowed it. She told them it contained heroin residue and several smaller baggies.

Cordell was taken to the Regional Medical center to have her stomach pumped.

A glass pipe and a marijuana blunt were also found in the car.

Both suspects were charged with tampering with evidence and drug possession charges.