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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Latoshia Daniels, the woman accused of shooting and killing a Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church pastor in Collierville, appeared in court Tuesday.

A preliminary hearing was set for May 14. Her attorneys didn’t ask for bail, but said that doesn’t mean they’re not going to ask for it in the future.

Daniels wiped away tears during Tuesday’s hearing.

“She’s not used to being where she is. She’s not feeling very well,” said Daniels’ defense attorney Leslie Ballin. “She’s accused of the most serious crime a person can be accused of. She understands the gravity of it and I think her emotions are appropriate.”

Daniels pleaded not guilty earlier this month to killing Pastor Brodes Perry, and injuring his wife, in a shooting at the Meridian Place Apartments in Collierville.

Court documents suggest the incident could’ve resulted from an affair. According to police, she screamed “You broke my heart” during the shooting. Perry and Daniels had known each other when Perry previously lived in Little Rock.

The state is expected to bring Perry’s wife as a witness to the preliminary hearing.

Ballin said if the judge finds probable cause after the preliminary hearing, they’ll get ready for trial. He said they stand by their not-guilty plea.

“At this point, we are taking the case slowly,” Ballin said. “This is not a marathon. This is not a mile sprint and we are just at the very beginning.”