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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman is accused of driving drunk with her infant son in the car and kicking a police officer.

Arrest records say officers were called to a home on Executive Drive near The Links at Fox Meadows Golf Course for a reported crash on Friday night.

When officers arrived, the caller said Porsha White had hit her mailbox with her car and the car was on top of what was left of the mailbox. White is also accused of hitting a car that was parked in the street.

Officers say White smelled of alcohol and was not able to walk without help and was slurring her words. They also found her five-month-old son in the car.

White was asked what her son’s birthday was and she was unable to give a correct date. Officers later figured out how young the child was.

Her mother came and took the child while she was being arrested.

Officers took her to a nearby precinct where White said she needed to use the restroom. White was brought inside when she then said she did not need to use the restroom. The officer took the handcuffs off to help her walk.

While White was being brought back to the car, she demanded the officers to let her call her father. The officer tried helping her back into the car when she turned around and shoved the officer. The officer pushed her back into the car when White rolled over and kicked the officer twice.

The officer sprayed her with OC spray to stop White from attacking the officer.

White is facing numerous charges including driving under the influence and child endangerment. It is not clear when she will appear in court.