Woman accused of carjacking, kidnapping nephew prior to drive-by shooting at Memphis apartments


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman was arrested after she was accused of carjacking and kidnapping her 18-year-old nephew prior to a drive-by shooting at a Frayser apartment complex.

The nephew told police he had just arrived at his aunt Shenna Brown’s North Memphis home on Stonewall Street when she, his cousin and two other men came out armed with guns. Fearing for his safety, the victim complied when the men started yelling at him to get in the passenger seat as his aunt got behind the wheel.

Brown reportedly drove the stolen vehicle to the Ridgecrest Apartments as her nephew pleaded for them to stop and let him out. One of the men threatened to shoot him if he didn’t be quiet.

Once at the apartment complex, the men began shooting at another vehicle driven by Brown’s fiancé, according to a police report. Brown then drove the vehicle away when the man returned fire and didn’t stop until one of the men ordered the nephew to get out.

The victim said he ran from the car in fear and contacted police.

WREG asked Brown about the allegations last week before she had been charged.

“I don’t know what the [expletive] is he talking about,” Brown said, insisting she never carjacked or kidnapped her nephew.

At one point, she pointed to the cars parked outside her home as a reason why she wouldn’t have stolen one.

“I own this car, I own that brown car. What the [expletive] I need his car for?” she said.

“Check my record. My record clean as [expletive],” she added at one point.

At the time of that exchange, Brown had no criminal offenses in Shelby County. But on Wednesday she was charged with carjacking, especially aggravated kidnapping, employment of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony and accessory after the fact.

“We all over here ain’t ever did time, juvenile or adults. We all are legal here,” said a woman who identified herself as Brown’s sister while hurling insults and expletives at a WREG crew.

Brown’s bond is set at $101,000. As of Thursday evening, there weren’t records of any other arrests in the case.

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