Wolfchase Mall clarifies hoodie policy

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A tense encounter with Wolfchase Galleria security last month spawned accusations of discrimination and a protest inside the mall. Weeks later, a spokesperson clarified the mall’s rules.

Wolfchase Galleria spokeswoman Jenny Harris told WREG there’s nothing in the rules to stop you from wearing hoodies, just not with the hood up.

“Our shoppers and our community are more than welcome to wear their hoodies to the property. We just ask that they do not conceal their identity while they’re here on property and that’s for the safety of everyone.”

She also said customers are also allowed to film in the mall.

Speaking of safety, the Christmas shopping season is underway and last week WREG told you how police logged at least 90 car-breaks in the Cordova and East Memphis areas since November 1.

“I think anytime you’re shopping anywhere in the city, you know, we always encourage our shoppers to be aware of their surroundings.”

Harris wouldn’t get into specifics, but says security at the mall is always evolving.

“I can’t stress enough: we are taking all of the events and we’re learning from them.”

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