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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — They’re the familiar voices of gospel music in Memphis.

Radio personalities James Chambers and Linda Covington are the keepers of tradition at Memphis’ first black-owned radio station.

Owner, Art Gilliam, says it’s that sense of family and community service that drives him and the station.

“We have been able to give back, and I think that has probably been one of the keys to our being here 40 years.”

WLOK has been on the air for 40 years.

To mark the milestone, Gilliam is planning a star-studded concert at the Orpheum in June.

“Back when we first got started, the first person who ever came by WLOK  to say congrats to me was Al Green.”

The Grammy-winning singer turned Bishop will headline the concert which will feature several groups including the Brown Singers, the Gospel Four, and the Stax Academy alumni band.

The station is not only the home of traditional gospel music and popular personalities, but WLOK also has several community affairs shows that air daily.

“When we got into WLOK we got into it not totally for business purposes but also a community matter,” said Gilliam.

Through the years, the community has supported the station’s efforts like the annual Stone Soul Picnic and reading events in schools.

You can purchase tickets to the WLOK 40th Anniversary concert on the Orpheum website.