Oak Court Mall Shooting: One Person Shot, Four Possible Suspects Detained


Emergency crews at the mall

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(Memphis) One person was shot and four possible suspects have been detained after a shooting at Oak Court Mall, according to Memphis police.

The injured man is in critical condition the MED.

Police say a car at Tuckahoe and Goodlett is a possible suspect's car and is connected to the shooting.

Shoppers strolling through the mall heard shots fired from the lower level.

"It was a big bang,” shopper Mercedes Frazier said. “It sounded like something big had just fell on the ground."

Witnesses say two groups of young men started arguing just before the shots were fired near the store, LOFT, while others say it was closer to the food court.

Nonetheless, a man was shot, and everyone we spoke with said it didn't look good at all.

Frazier was inside a store when she realized what she heard was gunfire.

“It was really crazy. I was twitching and shaking. I was really scared,” she said. "All the stores started closing the doors and I heard people screaming and running. We all just ran to the back of the store.”

Employees and shoppers tell us they took shelter in the stock rooms of stores, feeling helpless since all they could do was sit and wait while police swarmed the mall.

"We were back there for a while. There were babies back there with us, little girls that were crying and it was really sad,” Frazier said.

Lisa Duncan, another shopper, said, “The sad part for us is we have not shopped this mall in probably five years."

Duncan and her friend Cookie Farrell were walking out of Dillard’s when the chaos started.

"The security guards were running and they told us to go back into Dillard’s. Some lady at a shoe store let us in and there was a little girl in there saying she saw someone getting shot,” Farrell said.

"Oh my God, it was horrible," she added.

At about 7:30 p.m., Oak Court Mall released the following statement:

There was a security incident and one victim was taken to the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and their family. Customers and employees are leaving the mall, which will be closed for the rest of the evening, while the police further investigate this incident.

Click here to see tweets from people who were inside the mall or had friends or family inside the mall, as well as reactions from others about the shooting.

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