Witness describes chaos at Wolfchase as suspects fired shots

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A day after gunfire rang out at Wolfchase Galleria, Memphis police were still looking for five young men they say were arguing before they pulled out guns and started shooting outside the mall Sunday.

For witness Kelly Bryant, it was supposed to be a nice Sunday lunch with her husband, but it turned into something more terrifying.

“My husband and I were eating at Cheesecake Factory, enjoying the day, doing a little shopping and a commotion ensued,” she said.

Bryant says it started when they saw three guys running through the mall. Six minutes later, she said, police walked in with guns and rifles.

Officers with rifles drawn could be seen outside Wolfchase Galleria on Sunday. (Ian Ripple, WREG)

When the couple finally made it outside, there was more chaos.

“We walked outside, the lady had fallen from the stampede,” Bryant said. “My husband went to help her up and there was a man over there. He said he was sitting in his car when what he thought was backfiring and it was actually the guys shooting right beside his car.”

Police believe the men were arguing and someone started shooting. Witnesses say they were carrying pistols in the parking lot near the Cheesecake Factory.

Police released three photos of people they say may be connected to the shooting.

Police found several shell casings by the front door and are now trying to figure out who shot at who.

Scarier for Bryant was later realizing she was standing by one of the suspects.

“I saw that guy and was like he was standing right beside us,” she exclaimed.

According to the police report, witnesses were able to capture pictures of the suspects, and Brant hopes that helps police catch them soon.

“I don’t want them around the city, shooting. What if an innocent bystander got hit? That’s very scary to think about,” she said.

Bryant would like to see that more precautions are taken to keep people safe.

“I would like to see more security,” she said. “I would like to see people who do good and don’t cause problems to be able to go out and do things.”

WREG reached out to Wolfchase Galleria management for information about security but never heard back.

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