Winter weather brings people together across Memphis, Mid-South


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This winter weather is just the latest challenge that has the Mid-South pulling together to help one another get through.

Many would describe them as heroes, a word they don’t want to be called. But to the people they’re helping, that’s what they are.

We witnessed folks across the region helping people whose car got stuck. It is a small taste of the generosity we’ve seen. Icy roads and the bitter cold has left people looking for relief. Now, warming centers have opened up across the city.

With everything going on, strangers came together and started delivering hot meals.

“When they opened them up, I don’t think they. It was not fully considered they would be stuck with no food,” L.B. Walker, of Constance Abbey, said.

Walker is a part of a group, Constance Abbey, which helps people who are in need.

“They are enormously grateful. Sitting in that place for 24 hours with nothing to eat. Leaves you pretty hungry,” Walker said.

Restaurant Iris Chef Kelly English also asked his customers to donate the sandwiches he made for their Mardi Gras baskets.

“We are going to go ahead and give those muffalettas out, and I don’t have the money to refund all that stuff and together we can help feed something to eat today,” English said.

Generosity seen throughout the city with neighbors helping neighbors. Even if that’s pushing a stranger’s car to safety or offering in the snow.

” I figured it would be a great way to help people who cannot drive in such conditions,” Chris Johnson, Mid-South Jeeps, said.

Mid-South Jeeps is an organization of Jeep owners. the group has been driving health care workers to their job this week.

“They’ve been through so much this past year with COVID and everything,” Johnson said.

One nurse we spoke to from Baptist East says she is grateful that the community is coming together helping one another.

The meals and the rides for health care workers will continue this week.

If you need want to know more information on the free meals click here.

If you need want to know more information on the rides click here.

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