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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — On Monday, the Workforce Investment Network, or WIN, announced it will be working with college admissions testing company ACT to get Memphians certified as “work ready.”

With an unemployment rate below 5 percent in Shelby County, jobs are something many people in this city need.

The problem is when some of these big companies come to town, many who are job hunting aren’t qualified.

That’s where WIN steps in.

“By credentialing those individuals, companies will be able to go to a site and look at Memphis, and say, ‘Wow. Look at the work they’re doing. Look at the number of people that are credentialed and now are ready to go to work,'” said WIN Executive Director Kevin Woods.

WIN wants to get 3,000 people certified and 200 companies on board in just two years.

Mayor Jim Strickland hopes this will help people break down barriers including lack of education and those working to expunge criminal records so they can get hired.

“Anyone can contact my office, and we’ll help them in this process of getting their record expunged, and then we’ll also team those people up with our workforce development area,” he said.

And if you want proof the certification is worth it, WIN introduced Chadwick McKinnie, one of the job seekers who went through the program.

He said five employers contacted him for interviews based on his certification.

“I actually interviewed with three and I had two permanent positions within a week.”

To learn more about how you can sign up to get work ready credential, visit WIN at 480 Beale St.

They also have satellite locations at 3040 Walnut Grove Rd. and 4240 Hickory Hill Rd.