Wife of West Tennessee man killed in Las Vegas attack speaks out

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BIG SANDY, Tenn. — “He was the most selfless person that I’ve ever met, and even until his last breath he proved that.”

The wife of a Mid-South man shot and killed at a Las Vegas concert is speaking out for the first time.

Heather Melton remembers the night her husband Sonny was shot and killed and how deeply they loved each other. The Meltons lived in Big Sandy, just north of Jackson, and now Heather doesn’t know how life goes on without him.

“He was such a kindhearted, loving, caring person and people felt that as soon as they met him.”

Sonny met Heather in a bar five years ago. She said that smile is what people noticed first, and it’s what got her attention.

“He said the minute he saw me I stole his heart.”

She was older, getting a divorce and had three children. That didn’t matter to sunny.

She says it was the first time he saved her life.

“He taught me what real love was.”

They were big country music fans and went to Vegas for the music festival. They were tired and almost went home early. They were close to the stage — then it happened.

“There was just a barrage of shots being fired,” she recalled. “Round and round and it seemed like an eternity.”

She says he grabbed her from behind and they started to run.

“I felt him get shot in the back. He fell to the ground, and I just remembered seeing people all around me on the ground, and I was trying to talk to him and he wasn’t responding.”

A man carried Sonny to a truck with other victims and they raced to the hospital.

“I went into the trauma room and he had already passed, and I kissed and hugged him but I was pretty quickly escorted out because there was more traumas.”

She still does not know the name of suspect Stephen Paddock — and she doesn’t want to know.

“I don’t care what his motive was because in my mind there’s no justifiable motive, reason, belief that could account for what he did.”

Family support will help her through, and his love will live on forever.

“I remember looking at him on the day he died and thanking God that I knew what real love was.”

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