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Affidavit Against Adam & Teresa Mayes

(Hardeman County, TN) Adam Mayes and his wife Teresa have been charged with two counts of First Degree Murder.

Adam Mayes is still wanted and the FBI believes the youngest Bain girls are still with him.

Adam Mayes is also charged with two counts of Especially Aggravated Kidnapping.

Teresa Mayes was charged yesterday with four counts of Especially Aggravated Kidnapping.

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In an affidavit, Teresa Mayes said she was there when Adam Mayes killed Jo Ann Bain in a  garage next to their home and that Adam Mayes also killed 14-year-old Adrienne Bain at that location.

Teresa Mayes also said her husband planned to kidnap Alexandria and Kyliyah.

Adam Mayes’ mother Mary is charged with four counts of Conspiracy To Commit Especially Aggravated Kidnapping.

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Affidavits Against Teresa & Mary Mayes