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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — You could hear the generator from the street.

“We’ve spent about $40 to $50 on gas for the generator,” Chris Jones said.

Powerful winds over the weekend left thousands of families in the dark.

“Here we are into Monday and still no power,” Jones explained.

One part of Whitehaven was one of the last areas to get their power restored.

“Whitehaven had a lot of trees damaged, a lot of wires down when the trees when they break or fall onto the wires and of course it takes our wires down,” Tamara Nolen with MLGW said.

“I just feel like maybe because this is a prominently urban neighborhood that we’re not prioritized,” Latasha Jones said.

Memphis Light, Gas and Water said that thought is not the case.

Anytime there is a major outage, MLGW said it focuses on fixing the major issues that affect more people and work their way down.

“We are working as quickly and safely as possible to restore their service,” Nolen said.

The Jones family felt like every time the power goes out, they get the runaround.

The family has lost food, spent time out of work and had to keep their child home from school.

“I keep getting told this is an act of nature — they have no control over it,” Jones said. “But surely with you being the only utility company managing Memphis in its entirety they should have something more effective to handle situations like this.”

The family is ready to pack up and move to another part of the city where they think they will receive better service.