White House, Governors to discuss Syrian refugee placement Tuesday


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WASHINGTON, D.C. — The White House has announced  President Obama and all state governors will be meeting Tuesday night to discuss what security measures are in place to screen Syrian refugees coming into the country.

The announcement came just hours after more than 28 governors said they will not allow the refugees into their respective states over terror concerns.

According to CNN, the meeting will discuss the policies and security measures that are currently in place.

“We got a message from the White House for a conference call later on this evening with governors to finally communicate with us and respect our concerns and respect the people of the United States’ concerns,” North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory told CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Tuesday. “That’s good news as opposed to being lectured to yesterday by the President. So we’re all on the same team here.”

As details trickled out over the weekend about the suspects behind Friday’s attacks, authorities said that a Syrian passport — which U.S. intelligence says may be fake — was found near the body of one of the attackers, raising questions about whether he might have entered France as a refugee, CBS News reported.

Governors Bill Haslam, Phil Bryant and Asa Hutchinson were three of the 28 governors who asked the federal government to halt refugee placement in the state.

Courtesy of CBS News
Courtesy of CBS News


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