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(Memphis) There are more problems for the VA hospital in Memphis, and once again, the federal government plans on investigating.

WREG discovered a place that is supposed to provide help for vets could actually be putting them in danger.

This time the problems at the VA focus on dirty dialysis.

A whistleblower, who wants to stay anonymous, told WREG countless patients have come into contact with contaminated dialysis machines.

“All I could think about was how I would feel if someone came and told me, ‘I came to the VA to get dialysis treatment, and I got HIV or hepatitis,'” the source said.

He claims eight of the VA Medical Center’s 13 dialysis machines are highly contaminated.

He says it was discovered after the person responsible for cleaning the machines learned she spent years doing it the wrong way.

“She told him she was putting in 20 cc’s of the cleaning solution, and the technician informed her she should have been using 20 ounces,” the whistleblower said.

Late Tuesday, the hospital sent a statement saying there were never any equipment or safety problems with the dialysis machines and called the recent tests routine.

However, the hospital admitted there was an issue with cleaning procedures because a new policy wasn’t updated properly.

The VA said no patients were ever in danger.

The whistleblower said this is just the latest in a long line of problems at the hospital, including patients not being treated quickly enough and others getting the wrong medication.

“Anybody that came through dialysis, I would say probably in the last 10 years should have some concerns.”

The Memphis VA did not respond to WREG’s request to see test results or cleaning and maintenance logs for dialysis machines.

The hospital said it could not find anyone for an on camera interview.