COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — It’s the baby season in the wild, which means many people are finding orphaned or injured animals.

Out of the Woods Wildlife Rescue & Rescue says they are getting lots of opossums, squirrels, bunnies, and raccoons but are asking people to wait before they take what appears to be an abandoned baby out of the wild.

“Before you pick it up and collect it, look around and see if you see any evidence of a mom coming and going. For some animals, like rabbits, moms only come once or twice a day to check on their babies. So, you may not actually see mom but they could still be being cared for,” Sarah Howard said. “If you determine that you think they are abandoned, then you want to contact a wildlife rehabber.”

Howard is a wildlife rehabilitator with Out of the Woods. While we were with her, a volunteer brought her three baby rabbits. The baby rabbits were rescued because it appeared their mother was hit by a car.

Howard is also caring for a three-week-old raccoon, 21 opossums, five squirrels, and three more bunnies. She said if you find an injured animal contact a rehabber right away.

“Especially if you see blood or broken bones, those need antibiotics and pain management and need a vet visit.,” Howard said. “So, go ahead and call a rehabber.”

Howard said if you find an orphaned animal try to keep it in the nest or put it in a box with a fleece blanket or t-shirt. She said whatever you do, don’t try to feed it.

“A lot of the food you can find at a pet store or tractor supply store. We give them lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but knowing the right amounts and even just the procedure of how to feed them is really tricky,” she said.

Out of Woods Wildlife Rescue & Rehab operates entirely on donations. If you would like to donate to the cause or volunteer, just visit their website.

“We would love to have people come out and volunteer. Anybody who wants to learn. We definitely need more rehabbers, or even if you want to come to our place and help us out. We’ll totally take the help,” Howard said.

For a list of rehabbers in the state of Tennessee, click right here.