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(Memphis) It’s hard to track down the Moorish National Republic group in Memphis.

They exist according to a woman who is squatting in a $2 million dollar home on Shady Grove.

Most Moorish groups found online said they have nothing to do with the Memphis group.

“We are not a sovereignty group we are not a land grabbing thieving group,” said Shaykh Ra Saadi El with the Moorish Science Temple of America. “We have driver’s license. We pay taxes. We are not a sovereignty group,” he added.

We went to a home in south Memphis where the woman who is squatting at the east Memphis home told Memphis Police she lived when she was arrested in October.

Tabitha Gentry, also known as Abka Re Bey, was charged for attempting to run over officers.

The woman at the home knew Gentry and said she has heard her mention Moorish National Republic.

“I heard about it. I tell them when they come over here, everybody is sitting on the porch. I tell them I don’t want to hear that crazy stuff. Leave because I don’t want to hear it,” said the woman.

After Gentry’s run in with police and claim of being a sovereign citizen who doesn’t follow American laws I wanted to know if Gentry was violent.

“No more than her mouth, other than that they are not violent,” said the woman.

Memphis Police said Thursday they continue to investigate the case.